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What is the purpose of MyLifesight?

To bring people, experts, and experiences together for self-improvement, fun, and promoting social good.

Can I be an Expert & have a User page too?

Yes you can. Even "experts" need friends, advice and wisdom and want to have fun.

What is the purpose of the journal?

Just like a diary its purpose is to record important events in your life or your inner most thoughts.

Can I share my journal with other people?

Sure, just click the share link to send a friend a key to your journal or when sent a request for a key from someone, click share.

Can I take back a key to my online journal?

Yes, go to the list of friends that you have shared your journal with and click "Unshare".

What are Lifegroups?

Lifegroups are people with shared interests, hobbies or geographic location that choose to associate with each other for common goals and purposes. You can create your own group and join someone else's group.

Can I be confident my question is anonymous?

Yes, as long as you answer with your Avatar your identity is anonymous but you must use common sense when posting anonymously and avoid using names or places that easily identify who you are.

What credential(s) do Experts have?

Expert credentials are posted on the expert profile and encourages experts to be truthful about their experience and background. MyLifesight makes no representation as to the truthfulness or authenticity of the expert's credentials. If you have a question about an expert's credentials, Mylifesight encourages you ask the expert to support their qualifications or expertise.

Can I change my Avatar from time to time?

Yes. Feel free to change your Avatar as often as you wish.

Can I block someone who I don't want on my page anymore?

Absolutely. Just block the connection from your list of LIfesight Connections.

I saw something that I think is inappropriate, what should I do?

Email us at and let us know about it.

Why does MyLifesight promote Bragging?

All bragging is not bad. Remember when someone bragged on you about something that you did that was right or good? At Mylifesight, we think that the world could use more bragging on the good things that people do in their own lives and lives of others. It's not about pride, but instead about being positive about the good in our lives.

Can I purchase ad space on MyLifesight?

We are currently working on a method to allow you and others to purchase ad space. If you have an interest in advertising, please email us at

As an expert, can I link to my Website when I answer a question?

Yes. We want you to promote your expertise and your products.

What does "throw a lifeline" mean?

Throwing a lifeline can be linking to a resource from our panic room, from a lifegroup, or from the Internet that can provide help on an issue that someone has posted or a lifeline can just be your advice or thoughts for them.

Why do you have so many different chat rooms?

Each chat room is themed differently so that rather than joining a chat room that may have no topic of interest to you, you can join a particular discussion that you want to chat about at any given time.

What is the purpose of answering with a song?

Mylifesight believes that music is a universal means of communication that allows us to share our experiences, feelings, and thoughts with others in ways that we would not be able to express with just words or a photo. A song can be used to answer seriously, inspirationally, or humorously. Feel free to try it.